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A unique tool for testing the functionality of protocol implementations, Co-Advisor verifies reliability, compatibility, and compliance of HTTP and ICAP stacks.

Traffic Spicer

Compatible with popular proxies, Traffic Spicer is a bare-bones ICAP server for implementing custom traffic analysis and HTTP message manipulation.


A tool for monitoring DNS traffic, dnstop helps detect DNS misconfiguration and attacks by displaying live information from DNS messages on the wire.

Web Polygraph

The de-facto industry standard, Polygraph tests the performance of HTTP intermediaries such as content filters and caching proxies, using custom or cache-off workloads.

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Web Polygraph v3.1 Released

A public release of Web Polygraph delivers the latest features, including support for testing NTLM proxy authentication. (March 2008)

Squid3 Released

A long-awaited stable release of the popular Squid caching proxy includes ICAP support and other improvements made possible by the Factory and its customers. (December 2007)

IPv4 Address Space Maps

A set of new maps produced by the Factory and CAIDA help visualize the BGP routing table and open DNS resolvers. (September 2007)

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