Since 2000, Factory has launched and/or supported several internet backbone projects, including:

  • Squid (a web proxy)
  • Web Polygraph (a proxy performance benchmark)
  • eCAP (an HTTP adaptation API)
  • Traffic Spicer (an ICAP server)
  • Co-Advisor (an HTTP and ICAP compliance test suite)
  • dnstop (a DNS traffic monitor)

We specialize in Squid development and support. Factory is a major Squid Project contributor, on both project management and technical levels. Our engineers, including two Core developers, are the primary source of modern Squid features and bug fixes.

We work with a variety of customers, from industry behemoths to startups, from government research labs to informal computer clubs, from seasoned gurus to enthusiastic students. Please contact us if you need help with our software.